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Listed below are the upcoming titles for 2007-2008. All Fall 2006 books have already been listed in the catalogue and can be found in the Ruder Finn Press, Ruder Finn Art, and Catskill Press sections.

The Story of Mother Roper

Jonathan Finn

The heart and soul behind Seaman's Church Institute, NYC, it was Janet Roper, "Mother" to all members of the Merchant Marine service who passed through the institute's doors, who provided not only food and a clean bed but also counseling and a sympathetic ear for sailors far from their families. Written from historical research and interviews with Mother Roper prior to her death, it gives a moving story of one of the 20th century's most important but little-known women.

Monographs on Three Leading Sculptors

Gustav Kraitz, a highly regarded Swedish sculptor, know for his ceramic works as well as sculptures in stone and bronze.

Anita Huffington, from Arkansas, whose delicate bronze and stone sculptures are based on ancient Greek marbles.

Bruno Lucchesi, known for his work in bronze, is called "the last of the Renaissance sculptors" because of his remarkable facility with the human figure.

The Paul Rudolph Foundation

A photographic odyssey through the wondrous NYC townhouse designed and built by late modernist architect and educator, Paul Rudolph. Housing his exquisitely arranged collection of "collectibles," it is a living homage to one of the most creative architects of the century.

Level Elevations

Michael Boyajian

The whimsical, practical, always enjoyable journal by the author of Green Enchantments, documenting the day-to-day pleasures, pitfalls and discoveries encountered as the author and his family move to their home in Fishkill, New York.

The Distinguish'd Elephant

Charles Avery

Well-known British scholar, Charles Avery, tackles the fascinating subject of the elephant in art and society from its earliest appearances to today, from a wide variety of cultures and countries. It is the rare combination of a well-researched, scholarly text presented in lively prose with a multitude of photographs.

The Cape Breton Paintings

Robert Selkowitz

Photographs of the Catskill Region

Fran Driscoll

The Catskill Mountain Foundation's Farm

A look at natural agriculture.

Catskill Artists

Fran Driscoll


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Ruder Finn Press
Confronting Anti-Semitism

Confronting Anti-Semitism

Essays by Kofi A. Annan and Elie Wiesel
Introduction by Shashi Tharoor

In June 2004 the United Nations Secretariat organized the first ever UN seminar on anti-Semitism at United Nations headquarters. Among the participants were two distinguished Nobel laureates: Elie Wiesel and Kofi Annan.

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  Ruder Finn Art
Portrait of the Artist, Running

Portrait of the Artist, Running

Text by Daniel Bennett Schwartz
Photographs by David Finn

A fascinating look at the artist's most important and thought-provoking painting.

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  Catskill Press
A Painter's Path Through the Catskill Mountains

A Painter's Path Through the Catskill Mountains Landscapes in Pastel

Robert Selkowitz

A master of pastels, Selkowitz's gentle landscapes easily transport the viewer to the lush hills and valleys of the Catskill Mountains that surround his home and studio.

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