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Ruder Finn Press is dedicated to publishing books that are expressions of a commitment to contribute social, cultural and intellectual values to the society in which we work and live. We hope our publications will be of lasting value and provide richness and enjoyment to our readers.


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The Landscape Diaries

The Landscape Diaries: Garden of Obsession

By Gayatri Carole Rocherolle

A book of life and love, of unparalleled beauty and occasional disaster...

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ASCENT: How one quadriplegic fought for a full life and soared

By Bruce McGhie

Rendered a quadriplegic through a preflight training accident at the age of 22, Bruce McGhie writes a moving autobiography of life with, and in spite of, his disability.

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A New Vision for America

A New Vision for America: Toward Human Solidarity through Global Democracy

A Memoir by John Richardson
Foreword by John C. Whitehead

Part of the ADST-DACOR Diplomats and Diplomacy Series, the book is a compelling memoir by one of America's most accomplished and visionary political figures.

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Confronting Anti-Semitism

Confronting Anti-Semitism

Essays by Kofi A. Annan and Elie Wiesel
Introduction by Shashi Tharoor

In June 2004 the United Nations Secretariat organized the first ever UN seminar on anti-Semitism at United Nations headquarters. Among the participants were two distinguished Nobel laureates: Elie Wiesel and Kofi Annan.

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